The Cimmerian Volume 4 Index
Leo Grin
Year : December 2007
Book No. : ISSN #: 1548-3398
Edition : 1st
Format : Chapbook (6.9 x 8.5, saddle stapled)
Pages : 40
Cover art : Andrew Cryer
Illustrations : Andrew Cryer

"Envoi - 2007" by Leo Grin
"Master Reference"
"Subject and Author Index"
"Title Index"
"Catalogue of Art"
Guide to the Contributors
Editor: Leo Grin
The Catalogue of Art features each of the illustrations published in THE CIMMERIAN in 2007 along side the passage from the REH story that inspired the illustration.
Included are passages from:
"Queen of the Black Coast"
"The House of Arabu"
"The Blood of Belshazzar"
"Fists of the Desert"
"The Valley of the Lost"
"Marchers of Valhalla"
"The Gods of Bal-Sagoth"
"Old Garfield's Heart"
"The Valley of the Worm"
"The Road of Azrael"
"The Hour of the Dragon"
"Gates of Empire"
THE CIMMERIAN Index is published in one deluxe edition with a black linen cover with foil-stamped midnight blue text.

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