The Cimmerian Volume 2 Awards
Leo Grin
Year : December 2005
Book No. : ISSN #: 1548-3398
Edition : 1st
Format : Chapbook ( 6.9 x 8.5, saddle stapled)
Pages : 40
Cover art : Jae Woo Kim
Illustrations : Jae Woo Kim

"June 10, 2005" by Leo Grin (Editorial)
The Crom Award
Ken Neiderer for sculpting The Cimmerian Award skull

The Atlantean
Dale Rippke
for "The Hyborian Heresies"
The Valusian
Don Herron for "The Barbaric Triumph"

The Hyrkanian
First Place:
Mark Finn  for "
Fists of Robert E. Howard"
Second Place:
Rusty Burke for "Travels with Robert E. Howard"
Third Place:
Steven Tompkins for "The Past is Dead, The Past is Deadly: Three Dragons in One Hour"

The Aquilonian
Leo Grin for "The Cimmerian"

The Stygian
Paul Herman
The Venarium Award
Mark Finn
Emerging Scholar
The Black River Award
Jim and Ruth Keegan for
"The Illustrated World of Robert E. Howard" and
"The Adventures of Two-Gun Bob"

The Black Circle Award - Lifetime Achievement
Glenn Lord
Editor: Leo Grin
THE CIMMERIAN AWARDS is published in two editions. The deluxe edition, numbered 1-75, uses a black linen cover with foil-stamped emeraude text.
The limited edition, numbered 76-225, uses a 
emeraude cover with solid black text.

Other editions:

   The Cimmerian Volume 2 Awards
   The Cimmerian Volume 2 Awards