Chacal #2
Daemon Graphics
Year :
Spring 1977
Book No. : None
Edition : 1st 
Format : Magazine
Pages : 76 (Includes covers)
Cover art : Jeff Easley (Front)
Alicia Austin  (Back)
Illustrations : Steranko, Arnie Fenner & Randy Spurgin, Jeff Easley, Frank Frazetta, Tim Kirk, Jim Fitzpatrick, Clyde Caldwell, J. Rutt, Vickie Marshall, Steve Fabian, Philippe Druillet, Jim Pitts, John Severin
     Chacal #2
Other editions:  None

"Daughter of Evil" (Poem)
"Palace of Bast" (Poem)
Non-REH Content
Cast and Credits
"Editorial" by Arnie Fenner
"Editorial" by Pat Cadigan
"The Adventures of the Grinder's Whistle"
by Sir Simon Malone
"Raven's Eyrie" by Karl Edward Wagner
"Celtia: A Folio by Jim Fitzpatrick"
"Last Chance for Angina Pectoris at Miss Sadie's Saloon, Dry Gulch" by Pat Cadigan
Interview: Manly Wade Wellman
Letter Column
"The End of Days" by David C. Smith
"Philippe Druillet: A Fevered Glimpse of Chaos"
Dave McFerran
"To 1966" by Steven Utley
"Crosswinds" by Dave McFerran (UK news column)
U.S. News column
Publisher/Editor: Arnie Fenner
Assistant Editor: Pat Cadigan
"Daughter of Evil" is illustrated by Frank Frazetta
"Palace of Bast" is illustrated by Frank Frazetta
The first issue of Chacal (Winter 1976) was published by Nemedian Chronicles.