Nyctalops #7
Silver Scarab Press
Year :
August 1972
Book No. : None
Edition : 1st 
Format : Chapbook  
Pages : 100
Cover art : Tim Kirk
Illustrations : Stephen Riley, Randall Spurgin, Mike Scott, Denis Tiani, Dany Frolic, Clark Ashton Smith, Harry Clarke, Walter Simonson, Rah Hoffman, Mark Gelotte, Herb Arnold, and Tim Kirk
CAS - Nyctalops           
Other editions:  None

Letter from REH to Clark Ashton Smith postmarked July 22, 1933; "Dear Mr. Smith: I can hardly find words to..."
Non-REH Content
"Invocation" by HOM (Editorial)
"Nyctalops" by Clark Ashton Smith
"Five Approaches to the Achievement of Clark Ashton Smith Cosmic Master Artist" by Marvin R. Hiemstra
"Through Space and Time with CAS" by Mike Glyver
"A Review of IS and HPL" by George H. Record
"The Return of the Sorcerer" by Roger Bryant
"CAS: A Note on the Aesthetics of Fantasy"
by Charles K. Wolfe
"The Last Romamtic" by S. J. Sackett
"The Fading Red Sun of Zothique" by Roger Bryant
"The Artist: An Adulation" by Alan D. Gullette
"Clark Ashton Smith Natal Horoscope"
by E. Hoffmann Price
"Drugs and Clark Ashton Smith" by Dennis Rickard
"The True Protest is Beauty" by Richard L. Tierney
"Eroes and the Ghoul: Necrophilia in the Prose and Poetry of Clark Ashton Smith" by Charles Richard Grose
"Fulfillment" by Richard L. Tierney
"In Zstharan" by Darrell Schweitzer
"Opium and Sake: Prose Poems" by Gary Drake
"The Oldest Dreamer" by Walter C. DeBill
"CAS: A Pulp Showcase" by T. G. L. Cockcroft
"Sme Bibliographic Notes on CAS"
by T. G. L. Cockcroft
"The Fiction of Clark Ashton Smith: When he wrote it and what remains unpublished" by Roy A. Squires
"In Search of a Smith Library" Stuart David Schiff
"Memories of Klarkash-Ton" by George F. Haas
"A Visitor from Averoigne" by Robert Bloch
"The Poetry of Clark Ashton Smith"
by Frank Belknap Long
"The Arcana of Arkham-Auburn" by Rah Hoffman
"The Philosophy of the Weird Tale"
by Clark Ashton Smith
"Excerpts from the Black Book of Clark Ashton Smith" by Clark Ashton Smith
"The Mime of Sleep"-"Amor" by Clark Ashton Smith
"Prose Pastels" by Clark Ashton Smith
"Richard L. Tierney: His Book" by Richard L. Tierney
"The Seventh Wine of Xalamundo"
by Charles Richard Grose
"The City of Outcasts" by Alan D. Gullette
"Three Prose Poems (for K.A.M.H.) by Stanley Wiater
"Tsathoggua" by Charles Richard Grose
"The Conquest of Yondo" by Robert Weinberg
Notes on Contributors
Limited edition of 1000 copies