Boxing Stories
University of Nebraska Press - Bison Books
Year : April 2005
Book No. :
ISBN-10: 0803273525  (Trade paperback)
Book No. :
ISBN-10: 0803224230  (Hard cover)
Edition : 1st
Format : Trade paperback
Format :
Hard cover with dust jacket
Pages : 313
Cover art : Gary Gianni
Illustrations : None
  Boxing Stories - Bison Books

Other editions:

"Introduction" by Chris Gruber
"In the Ring" (poem)
"The Pit of the Serpent"  
"The Bull-Dog Breed"
"The Champion of the Forecastle"
"Waterfront Law"  
"Texas Fists"
"The Fightin'est Pair"
"Vikings of the Gloves"
"Cultured Cauliflowers" (Costigan version)
"A New Game for Costigan"
"Hard-Fisted Sentiment"
"When You Were a Set-Up and I Was a Ham" (poem)
"The Spirit of Tom Molyneaux"
"Iron Men"
"Kid Galahad"
"Fists of the Desert"
"They Always Come Back"
"Kid Lavigne Is Dead"  (poem)
Note on the texts
Edited by Chris Gruber
 The print run on the hard cover edition ran around 470-530.