Beyond the Wall of Sleep 
Arkham House
Year :
Book No. : Arkham House Publication #4
Edition : 1st
Format : Hardcover with dust jacket
Pages : xxix, 458
Cover : Burt Trimpey
Illustrations : None
    Beyond the Wall of Sleep        
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"The Book"
"The Key"
"The Lamp"
"Zaman's Hill"
"The Port"
"The Courtyard"
"The Pigeon-Flyers"
"The Well"
"The Howler"
"The Window"
"A Memory"
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"Christmas Greetings to Mrs. Phillips Gamwell"
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"The Messenger"
"The Cthulhu Mythology: A Glossary"
by Francis T. Laney

"An Appreciation of H. P. Lovecraft" by W. Paul Cook

"The Challenge from Beyond" with H. P. Lovecraft,
C. L. Moore, A. Merritt, and Frank Belknap Long

Non-REH Contents
by H. P. Lovcraft except as noted

"Foreword" by August Derleth
"By Way of Introduction"
by August Derleth & Donald Wandrei

"Autobiography: Some Notes on a Nonentity"
"The Commonplace Book"
"History and Chronology of the Necronomicon"
"What the Moon Brings"
"Ex Oblivione"
"The Tree"
"The Other Gods"
"The Quest of Iranon"
"The Doom That Came to Sarnath"
"The White Ship"
"From Beyond"
"Beyond the Wall of Sleep"
"The Unnamable"
"The Hound"
"The Moon-Bog"
"The Evil Clergyman"
"Herbert West--Reanimator"
"The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath"
"The Case of Charles Dexter Ward"
"The Crawling Chaos" (with Elizabeth Berkeley)
"The Green Meadow" (with Elizabeth Berkeley)
"The Curse of Yig" (with Zealia Brown-Reed)
"The Horror in the Museum" (with Hazel Heald)
"Out of the Eons" (with Hazel Heald)
"The Mound" (with Zealia Brown-Reed)
"The Diary of Alonzo Typer" (with William Lumley)
"In the Walls of Eryx" (with Kenneth Sterling)
"Sweet Ermengarde"
"On a Grecian Colonnade in a Park"
"Old Christmas"
"New England Fallen"
"On a New England Village Seen by Moonlight"
"A Year Off"
"A Summer Sunset and Evening"
"To Mistress Sophia Simple, Queen of the Cinema"
"The Ancient Track"
"The Eidolon"
"The Nightmare Lake"
"The Outpost"
"The Rutted Road"
"The Wood"
"Hallowe'en in a Suburb"
 "To a Dreamer"
A volume of poetry, fiction, and essays by and about Lovecraft.
Burt Trimpey's cover is a collage of  photos of Clark Ashton Smith sculptures of Lovecraftian creatures on a black background.
1217 copies printed