A Word from the Outer Dark
Project Pride
Year :
February 2009
Book No. : None
Edition : 1st
Format : Trade paperback
Pages : xiv, 213
Cover art : David Burton
Illustrations : None
       A Word from the Outer Dark    
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Contents (Continued)
"There Were Three Lads Who Went Their Destined Ways" (poem) (See Notes)
"The Ecstasy of Desolation" (poem)
"In the Ring" (poem)
"Kid Lavigne Is Dead" (poem)
"John L. Sullivan" (poem)
"Fables for Little Folks" (poem)
"When You Were a Set-Up and I Was a Ham" (poem)
"A Word from the Outer Dark" (poem)
"A Warning to Orthodoxy" (poem)
"The One Black Stain" (poem)
"The King and the Oak" (poem)
"A Song of the Race" (poem)
"The Return of Sir Richard Grenville" (poem)
"The Hour of the Dragon" (poem)
"A Crown for a King" (poem)
"Solomon Kane's Homecoming (1)" (poem)
"Musings (1)" (poem)
"Up John Kane!" (poem)
"Miser's Gold" (poem)
"The Dweller in Dark Valley" (poem)
"Drake Sings of Yesterday" (poem)
"Remembrance" (poem)
"The Ride of Falume" (poem)
"Black Seas" (poem)
"An Open Window" (poem)
"Shadow Thing" (poem)
"Buccaneer Treasure" (poem)
"Dead Man's Hate" (poem)
"The Lost Galley" (poem)
"Shadows of Dreams" (poem)
"The Bell of Morni" (poem)
"Foridden Magic" (poem)
"The Ghost Ocean" (poem)
"Shadows (2)" (poem)
"Drowned" (poem)
"A Pirate Remembers" (poem)
"Moon Mockery" (poem)
"The Moor Ghost" (poem)
"Shadows from Yesterday" (poem)
"The Ghost Kings" (poem)
"A Man" (poem)
"Nights to Both of Us Known" (poem)
"The Tide" (poem)
"The Adventurer's Mistress (2)" (poem)
"The Day That I Die " (poem)

"Cimmeria" (poem)
"The Kiowa's Tale" (poem)
"The Grim Land" (poem)
"The Feud" (poem)
"But the Hills Were Ancient Then" (poem)
"The Ballad of Buckshot Roberts" (poem)
"The Alamo" (poem)
"John Ringold" (poem)
"The Lost San Saba Mine" (poem)
"Ghost Dancers" (poem)
"San Jacinto (1)" (poem)
"The Sand-Hill's Crest" (poem)
"Adventure (1)" (poem)
"The Outgoing of Sigurd the Jerusalem-Farer" (poem)
"Crusade" (poem)
"The Return of the Sea-Farer" (poem)
"Ocean-Thoughts" (poem)
"Heritage (1)" (poem)
"The Song of Horsa's Galley" (poem)
"The Harp of Alfred" (poem)
"Singing Hemp" (poem)
"Black Harps in the Hills" (poem)
"Viking's Trail" (poem)
"Dreaming on Downs" (poem)
"The Song of the Last Briton" (poem)
"The Isle of Hy-Brasil" (poem)
"Desert Dawn" (poem)
"Easter Island" (poem)
"Twilight on Stonehenge" (poem)
"Men of the Shadows" (poem)
"Dreams of Nineveh" (poem)
"Empire's Destiny" (poem)
"Hadrian's Wall" (poem)
"Flight" (poem)
"Two Men" (poem)
"The Adventurer" (poem)
"Shadow of Dreams" (poem)
"Recompense" (poem)
"Autumn" (poem)
"A Moment" (poem)
"Earth-Born" (poem)
"This is a Young World" (poem) (See Notes)
"The Ages Stride on Golden Feet" (poem)
"Roses Laughed in Her Pretty Hair" (poem) (See Notes)
"The Seven-Up Ballad" (poem)
"An American Epic" (poem)
"The Kissing of Sal Snooboo" (poem)
"The Gladiator and the Lady" (poem)
"Scarlet and Gold are the Stars Tonight" (poem) (See Notes)
"The Bride of Cuchulain" (poem)
"A Dawn in Flanders" (poem)
"Emancipation" (poem)
"The Campus at Midnight" (poem)
"Roundelay of the Roughneck" (poem)
"Symbols" (poem)
Selection, arrangement, and commentary by Paul Herman.
Sold exclusively at the Howard House in Cross Plains, Texas.
First printing limited to 40 copies.
Second printing adds Paul Herman's name to the title page and corrects one error in the Table of Contents.  "Shadows of Yesterday" was corrected to be "Shadows from Yesterday."
The following poems were untitled by REH.  
It is traditional to take untitled poems and use the first line as a title when collecting an author's work.

"This is a Young World"
"Roses Laughed in Her Pretty Hair"
"Scarlet and Gold are the Stars Tonight"
"There Were Three Lads Who Went Their Destined Ways"