The West
Maverick Publications, Inc.
Year :
September 1967
Book No. : None
Edition : 1st
Format : Periodical
Pages : 74
Cover art : Bob Day
Illustrations : See Notes
       The West

Other editions: None


"Apparition of Josiah Wilbarger"
Non-REH Contents
"Strange Sacrifice of Winnemucca's Young Wife"
by Earl Snipes

"The Last Days of John Wesley Hardin"
by Leon C. Metz
"The Watsons--Iowa to Oregon in 1853"
by James L. Davis
"The Wreck of the Sloop Georgianna"
by Flora Weed Hicks
"The Dedication of Father Junipero" by H.H.
"John Kleven--Nebraska Pioneer"
by Martha E. Lambert
"El Chivaro of Arizona" by Donald N. Bentz
"The Doctor Who Plundered the West"
by Leo Rosenhouse
"Treasure Hunting with Berhard" by Morris A Bernhard
"Lorena Tricky--Rodeo's Bonanza Queen"
by Sam Henderson
"Old Scout" by anonymous  (Editorial)
"Mail Pouch"  (letter column)
"Round-Up Time" (Question & Answer column)
First Appearance: "Apparition of Josiah Wilbarger"
Loaded with photographs and unsigned illustrations (most from before the 1900s) under the art direction of Eric Karminski, Jr.