Tales of High Adventure #1
Year : September 2011 (print edition)
October 2011  (eBook)   
Book No. : ISBN-13: 2940013493193 (Nook)
ASIN: B0062CVAY0 (Kindle)
Edition : 1st
Format : Periodical
eBook (Kindle & Nook)
Pages : 52 (print edition)
Cover art : Clay Lewis
Illustrations : Paul Fini, Mike Moran

"Queen of the Black Coast"
Non-REH Contents
"Editor's Preface" by Steve Miller
"At The Earth's Core" by Edgar Rice Burroughs
Serialized - Part 1
"Homeworld" by Paul J. Fini
"Dagon" by H. P. Lovecraft
"The Lost Valley" by Mike Moran
"The Peruvian Report" by Max Lieberman
"Spirits of the Dead" by Edgar Allen Poe

Edited by Paul J. Fini

A print-on-demand version was available from ComiXpress.
There was a second issue in 2012 that did not contain any REH.

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