Skelos Volume 1 Number 1
Skelos Press
Year :
Summer 2016
Book No. : ISBN-13: 9781533460844  
Edition : 1st
Format : Trade Paperback  (7 × 10 inches)
Pages : 160  (Regular edition)
 (2016 Howard Days edition)
Cover art : Front: Gustave Doré
Back: Samuel Dillon

Illustrations : Hieronymous Bosch, Margaret Brundage, Pieter Claesz, David Cullen, Érik Desmazières, Samuel Dillon, John Charles, Dollman, Gustave Doré, Tomás Giorello, H. R. Hamond, Vasily Kotarbinsky, George Merle, Arthur Rackham, Mark Schultz, Edward Matthew Ward

"The Nameless Tribe Drafts" Illustrated by Mark Schultz
Non-REH Contents
Short Fiction
"The Dead Unicorn" by Scott Cupp 
"Hungry" by Charles Gramlich
"The Night Maere" by Scott Hannan
"The Yellow Death" by David Hardy
"The Burning Messenger" by Matt Sullivan
"Dangerous Pearl" by Ethen Nahté
"The Drowned Dead Shape" by Keith Taylor
"One Less Hand for the Shaping of Things" by Jason Ray Carney
"Sorceress" by Ashley Dioses
"Midnight in the Ebon Rose Bower" by K. A. Opperman
"The Casualty of the Somme" by Frank Coffman
"The Writer" by Jason Hardy
"Totem" by Pat Calhoun
"Surtur" by James McNew
"A Revelation Dream" by Kenneth Bykerk (2016 Howard Days edition only)
"Nameles Tribes: Robert E. Howard's Anthropological World-Building in Men of the Shadows" by Jeffrey Shanks
"From the Cosmos to the Test-Tube: Lovecraft, Machen, and the Sublime" by Karen Joan Kohoutek
"A Sword-Edge Beauty as Keen as Blades: C. L. Moore and the Gender Dynamics of Sword-and-Sorcery" by Nicole Emmelhainz
Special Features
"Skull Session" by Mark Finn (Editorial)
"Grettir and the Draugr" by Samuel Dillon and Jeffrey Shanks  (Illustrated story)
"About the Contributors" 

The Bone Yard
Reviews by Josh Akins, Bobbie Derie, Charles Hoffman, Paul McNamee, Brian Murphy, Deuce Richardson, Todd Vick, and Keith West

Skelos Founding Patrons, Benefactors, and Supporters

First appearance of  "The Nameless Tribe Drafts"  
Edited by Mark Finn, Chris Gruber, and Jeffrey Shanks
A Signed / Numbered Limited Robert E. Howard Days edition was produced as the first edition.
It was limited to 30 copies and signed by the editors and many of the contributors that were at Robert E. Howard Days 2016.

The Howard Days edition preceded the regular edition.
The regular edition received several more rounds of copy editing, adjustments to images and layout, and the addition of advertisements and the names of Kickstarter Supporters, Benefactors, and Founding Patrons.

The page count difference between the two editions is primarily due to formatting changes.
"A Revelation Dream" by Kenneth Bykerk only appears in the 2016 Howard Days edition.

Regular Edition

Skelos Volume 1 Number 1

2016 Howard Days

Skelos Volume 1 Number 1 Limited

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