Savage Tales Volume 1 Number 5
 Marvel Comics
Year :
July 1974    
Book No. : None
Edition : 1st
Format : Periodical (8.5 x 11 inches)
Pages : 68 pages (including front & back covers)
Cover art : Neal Adams
Steve Gan (Inside front)
Illustrations : See below 
 Savage Tales Volume 1 Number 5
"Savage Tales is Dead! Long Live Savage Tales!" by Roy Thomas (Editorial)
Illustration by Roy Krenkel
Contains the announcement of the debut of THE SAVAGE SWORD OF CONAN.
"The Legacy of Greenberg"
"The Hour of the Gnome" (Part 2 of 2) by 
Roy Thomas (article)
Illustrations by Tony DeZuniga and Roy Krenkel.
Contains Gnome Press cover illustrations by 
Ed Emshwiller, David Kyle, and Wallace Wood.
"The Secret of Skull River" (20 page story featuring Conan)
Adapted by: Roy Thomas (from a plot by John Jakes)
Art: Jim Starlin (pencils); Al Milgrom (inks)  
Non-REH Contents
"Spell of the Dragon" (8 page story featuring Brak the Barbarian)
Writer: John Jakes
Art: Val Mayerick (pencils); Joe Sinnot (inks)
Plot and Layout: Dan Adkins

"The Legend of the Lizard Men" (16 page story featuring Ka-Zar)
Writer: Stan Lee
Art: John Buscema
"Savage Mails" (letter column)

Editor: Roy Thomas
Curtis Magazines was the name of an imprint used by Marvel Comics to publish black and white magazines in the early 1970s. The magazine format was not covered by the rules set forth by the Comics Code Authority.

Other editions: None