Robert E. Howard - A Bibliography
Panther's Cage
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Book No. : None
Edition : 1st
Format : Paperback
Pages : 78
Cover art : Zdenek Burian
Illustrations : Hubert Schweizer, Bodo Schäfer
      Robert E. Howard - A Bibliography   
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Robert E. Howard in German - A Four Decade Review
The Abridged Conan Paperbacks (Heyne)
The Unabridged Conan Paperbacks (Heyne)
Fantasy & Western Paperbacks (Heyne)
Terra Fantasy Paperbacks (Pabel)
Horror Paperbacks (Pabel)
Fantasy Paperbacks (Ullstein)
Fantasy Paperbacks (Bastei)
Fantasy Paperbacks (various publishers)
Magira (Follow/EdFC)
Fantasia (EdFC)
Other Amateur Journals and Semi-Professional Editions (various publishers)
Miscellaneous Editions (various publishers)
Reprints (various publishers)
Pastiches (Heyne and Basti)
Editor: Thomas Kovacs
Compiled by Thomas Kovacs with the help of Hubert Strassl, Martin Metzler, Lukas Schoch, Bernd Karwath, Hermann Urbanek, and Glenn Lord.
This bibliography covers all known REH texts published in German-speaking Europe (Germany, Switzerland, and Austria) from 1967 to 2005.