Pictures in the Fire
REH Foundation Press
Year :
June 2018  
Book No. : None
Edition : 1st
Format : Hardcover with dust jacket
Pages : viii plus 443
Cover : Bill Cavalier
Illustrations : None
          Pictures in the Fire
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"Finding a Home" by Paul Herman (Introduction)
Pictures in the Fire
"For the Love of Barbara Allen"
"Two Against Tyre"
"The Voice of El-Lil"
"Spear and Fang"
"Black Canaan" (Early Version)
"The Cobra in the Dream"
"The Ghost in the Doorway"
"A Thunder of Trumpets" by REH and Frank Thurston Torbett
"The Shadow of Doom"
"The Haunted Hut"
"Under the Baobab Tree"
"The Hyena"
"Black Country"
Fragments, Drafts, and other Esoterica 
"Nekht Semerkeht"
Untitled, "As he approached . . ."
"The Abbey"
"Age Lasting Love" (with outline)
"The Devil’s Woodchopper"
"The Door of the World"
"Serpent Vines"
Untitled Synopsis ("Black Canaan")
"The Isle of the Eons"
"The Brand of Satan"
"Dagon Manor"
"Dear Mrs. Shane"
"Fate Is the Killer"
"The Jade God"
"The Slayer"
"Through the Ages"
"The Wings of the Bat"
Untitled, " ‘You,’ said Shifty Griddle . . ."
Untitled, "Better that a man should remain . . ."
Untitled, "From the black, bandit-haunted mountains . . ."
Untitled, "I’m writing this . . ."
Untitled, "Old Man Jacobson . . ."
Untitled, "The matter seemed so obvious . . ."
Untitled, "The next day I was sluggish . . ."
"Songs of Bastards"
"Bastards All!"
"Pictures in the Fire"
"The Dominant Male"
"Miss High Hat"
"Etched in Ebony"
Untitled, "Arrange, Madame, arrange!"
"Letter of a Chinese Student" (1)
"Letter of a Chinese Student" (2)
"For the Honor of the School"

"A Rattlesnake Sings in the Grass" (poem)
"The Masque" (poem)
"A High Land" (poem)
"Whence Cometh Erlik?" (poem)
"Lost Nisapur" (poem)
"Abhorrent Gods" (poem)
"A Song of Praise" (poem)
"The Tale of Glory" (poem)
"The Race Without Name" (poem)
"Let Me Dream by a Silver Stream" (poem)
"My Animal Instinct" (poem)
"The Wind Blows" (1, poem)
"The Wind Blows" (2, poem)

Edited by Paul Herman
All the texts were obtained from Howard's original manuscripts, typescripts, carbons, or transcripts thereof, with the following exceptions:
"Etched in Ebony" from The Junto, September 1929
"The Hyena" from Weird Tales, March 1928
"Spear and Fang" from Weird Tales, July 1925
"A Thunder of Trumpets" from Weird Tales, September 1938
"The Voice of El-Lil" from Oriental Stories, October - November 1930
First appearance:
"A Song of Praise" (poem)
"The Tale of Glory" (poem)
"The Race Without Name" (poem)
"Let Me Dream by a Silver Stream" (poem)
"The Wind Blows" (1, poem)
"The Wind Blows" (2, poem)
Limited edition of 200 copies