Orb Volume 3 Number 1 (Whole Number 10) 
Bob Johnson
Year :
Book No. : None
Edition : 1st
Format : Periodical (8.5 x 11 inches, side stapled)
Pages : 36 (including front and back covers)
Cover art : Uncredited, but looks like Bob Johnson
Illustrations : Hannes Bok, Ray and Perdita Nelson, Lee Hoffman, David English, Bob Johnson
      Orb Volume 3 Number 1 (Whole Number 10)
Other editions:

"Song at Midnight" (poem)
Non-REH Contents
"Perseveration" by H. B. Fyfe
"The Prejudiced People" by Jim Harmon
"In the Globe of Changing Glass" by David R. Bunch
"I Remember Squeezebox" by Bob Johnson (article)
"The Robot, the Girl, the Poet, and the Android"
by Fritz Lieber, Judith Merril, Fredric Brown (play)
"The Last Word" by James Pinkham (article)
Motion Picture Reviews
"White Sands" by Mario Stanza (poem)
"Diary" by Carol Lowrey
"Observation in a Torture Chamber" by Sandy Charnoff (poem)
"A Smoke, a Puff, and a Whiff" by Orma McCormick (poem)

Published and edited by Bob Johnson.
Orb is a fanzine of which 11 issues were published between Oct/Nov-1949 and 1952.
Cardstock covers.
Editorial logo by Hannes Bok.