Mitrania Nr. 4 2009 (Volume 8)
Year :
Book No. : Unknown
Edition : 1st
Format : Periodical (14.8 x 21 centimeters)
Pages : 60
Cover art : Unknown
Illustrations : None
    Mitrania Nr. 4 2009
Other editions:

"Stenkumlet på udden" ("The Cairn on the Headland")

Non-REH Contents
"Mörkerlinjer" ("Dark Lines") by Susanne Tellström
"Skuggkrigaren" ("The Shadow Warrior") by Robert Andersson
"På riktigt, men ändå inte" ("Really, but not") by Camilla Jönsson (article)
"Svärdet är mäktigare än trollstaven" ("The Sword is More Powerful than the Magic Wand")
Pia Lindestrand (article)
"Landet Dystopia" ("Land Dystopia") by Robert Andersson (article)
Review of the books Metro 2033
Review of the movie 2012

Language: Swedish
Translated by Lilian Wiberg
Edited by Robert Andersson
For the majority of the first decade of the 21st century, Mitrania magazine in A5 format was published four times a year. It featured short stories in the genres of science fiction, fantasy and horror, as well as essays and author interviews. There were translated short stories, but the magazine was also a springboard for a number of Swedish writers. Behind the magazine were Robert Andersson and Lilian Wiberg.