Holland SF Volume 39 Number 1 
Nederlands Contactcentrum voor Science Fiction
Year :
February 2005  
Book No. :
ISSN: 0166-297X
Edition : 1st
Format : Periodical (8.25 x 11.75, saddle stapled)
Pages : 48
Cover art : Cesar R. T. Silva
Illustrations : Eye Kuismanen, Sue Mason, Remco van Straten, Glen A. Klinger
     Holland SF 1     
Other editions:

"By This Axe  I Rule" excerpt only
"Save for the dead and dying men on the floor . . ."
through the end of the story.

Non- REH Contents
"Redactioneel" (Editorial)
"SFantastische variaties"
by Paul van Leeuwenkamp
"In Memorium"
"Verslag Distichon"
by Jan van't  Ent en Eya Kuismamen (article)

"Reglementen PHP 2005"
"Het geval kip dilleby" by Frank Roger (story)
"Verslag Archeon Midwinter Fair"
Jaap Boekestein (article)
"Fanfragment" by Remco van Straten (column)
"De martiaan" by Guido Eekhaut (story)
"Woord van de voorzitter"
("Word from the Chairman")
"Kernreacties" ("Nuclear Reactions") (column)
"Film/Video/DVD" (column)
"SFilmagenda" (column)
"Boeken Nederlands" ("Dutch Books")(column)
"Welkom op planeet Rick" by Claudia van Arkel (story)
"Index 2004" (column)
"ConZone" (column)
Language: Dutch
A bimonthly fanzine for Dutch Science Fiction fans.
"Fanfragment" is a column on REH and "Sword & Sorcery" stories that contains the REH excerpt.