Essays on Robert E. Howard & Others
Robert Derie
Year : June 2018     
Book No. : None
Edition : 1st
Format : Trade paperback (6 x 7.8 inches, perfect bound)
Pages : iii plus 280
Cover art : Photo of REH
Illustrations : None

"Howard, Lovecraft, & The Sin-Eater"
"The Shadow out of Spain"
"The Mirror of E’ch-Pi-El: Robert E. Howard in the Letters of H. P. Lovecraft"
"Fragments from the Lost Letters of H. P. Lovecraft to Robert E. Howard"
"Dear Bob; Cordially Yours, Clark Ashton Smith"
"Ebony and Crystal: REH, CAS, and Fraternal Good Wishes"
"That Fool Olson"
"Conan and the Dweller: Robert E. Howard & William Lumley"
"Conan and Canevin: Robert E. Howard & Henry S. Whitehead"
"Friend of a Friend: Robert E. Howard & Frank Belknap Long"
"Weird Talers: Robert E. Howard & Seabury Quinn"
"Conan and the OAK: Robert E. Howard & Otis Adelbert Kline"
"A Lost Weird Anthology, 1930-1933"
"A Lost Correspondence: Robert E. Howard & Stuart M. Boland"
"The Two Bobs: Robert E. Howard & Robert H. Barlow"
"Conan and the Acolyte: Robert E. Howard and F. T. Laney"
"Fan Mail: Prohibition in “The Souk”"
"Fan Mail: Robert Bloch vs. Conan"
"First Fans: Robert E. Howard and Emil Petaja"
"An Irreparable Loss: Robert E. Howard and Weird Tales, 1936"
"Robert E. Howard and the Amateur Press"
"School Papers: The Tattler, The Progress, The Yellow Jacket and The Collegian"
"Amateur Journalism: The All-Around Magazine, The Toreador, The Bard, The Golden Caliph, and The Right-Hook"
"The Junto"
"Fan Press: Marvel Tales, The Fantasy Fan, Fantasy Magazine, and The Phantagraph"
"Fan Mail and The Hyborian Age"
"Robert E. Howard in Mexico"
"F. Thurston Torbett and F. Lee Baldwin on Robert E. Howard"
"Robert E. Howard’s Reefer Madness"
"Dr. Isaac M. Howard, Pellagra, and Homeopathy"

Written, compiled and edited by Bobby Derie
Ashcan Edition of 50 copies.
First distributed at Robert E. Howard Days 2018.

   Essays on Robert E. Howard & Others    
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