The Diversifier Volume 3 Number 4 (Whole #20) 
C. C. Clingan 
Year : May 1977
Book No. : None
Edition : 1st
Format : Periodical (saddle stapled)
Pages : 72 (inclues front and back covers)
Cover art : Gary Kato (Front)
Allen Kaszowski (Back)
Illustrations : Allen Kaszowski, Cliff Kurowski, Ron Wilber, Mark GelotteA. B. Cox, Rick Harrison, Gary Kato, Craig Anderson, Stephen Riley, Harry O. Morris, and Joe West

"Sea Curse"
Illustrated by A. B. Cox
Non-REH Content
"Arkham House" by G. Sutton Breiding (essay)
"Editorial" by Robert Weinberg
"Edmond Hamilton: In Memoriam" by E. Hoffmann Price
"Jasper's Hollow" by B. F. Watkinson
"The Vaults of Slime" by Marc Laidlaw (poem)
"Weird Tales: Love at a Distance" by Fritz Leiber
"Reflections of an Egyptian Pricess While Being Interred" by Edith Ogutsch (poem)
"A Phantom of My Youth" by Billy Wolfenbarger (essay)
"Caveat" by C. C. Clingan (essay)
"Dim Dreams" by Hannes Bok (poem)
"Slave of the Flames" by Robert Bloch
"To One Undead" by Michael Kellar (poem)
"Thinking about Lovecraft" by Manly Wade Wellman (essay)
DAW Book Nook
  "Review: The Year's Best Horror Stories: Series IV by Gerald W. Page" by G. Arthur Rahman
  "Review: The Burrowers Beneath by Brian Lumley" by Gordon Linzner

"Eyes Do More Than See" by Isaac Asimov
"The Man Who Collected Lovecraft" by Gregory Nicoll
"Beneath the Vaults of Sumarus (Part 1 of 2)" by Phillip C. Heath
"Frankenstein Love" by Dean Wesley Smith

Editor: C.C Clingan
This issue was dedicated to WEIRD TALES

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